Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Huey's Birthday Parties

Baby Huey is giving another one of his birthday parties. We're all invited. But you know what? Last time I went Baby Huey decided he wanted all the cake, all the gifts, all the food because he didn't think he got enough last time. And we all just sat there wondering what kind of a party it was.

Well we're invited again. The party. There'll be cake, I guess. It's Baby Huey's big day. Some people are just stupid enough to show up thinking maybe THEY will be the ones to get all the cake. Why share? It's a kind of Tea Party this time. But it's really the same old scam. I am not going. You live, you learn, you know what that party is all about. Huey will say anything to get us to come. Have we learned from the last time? I have. I'm not going and to hell with his birthday.

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